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Getting your marketing right begins with a good plan.
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“Marketing Mate gives you control by creating a marketing plan that is customized to your goals. It’s the car and the roadmap that will get you to where you want to go. I use it not only for my own business but for all of my clients for whom I provide done-for-you marketing solutions.”
— Small Business Stacey, United States of America

Create effective plans.

Let the Wizard guide you through the planning process, and help ensure your marketing plans are strategic and relevant, for the best outcomes.

Use with clients.

Create great marketing plans for your clients, to help them become clear and focused and detail the services you can help them with them going forward.


Get inspiring ideas.

Go Professional and browse through over 160 marketing ideas to get inspired, find what suits your needs, and start achieving much more.

Learn as you go.

Find out how to keep your marketing focused and achievable, with simple guidance and resources that guide you on getting it right.

 Create a Marketing Plan with Marketing Mate
marketing save money

Planning with Marketing Mate saves thousands in consultant fees, and wasted money from poor choices.

 The app enables you to plan and track you marketing in a time effective way.  

A streamlined process ensures you don't waste valuable time, and can start achieving more sooner.

 An easy, interactive and innovative process ensures your marketing planning is right for you.

Strategic and tailored marketing means the right choices are made for a better return on your investment.

marketing planning team

Working collaboratively on your marketing planning across teams is easy with Marketing Mate.

teach marketing planning

A simple way to train staff or students in strategic marketing planning, thanks to an easy to follow stepped process.

 Securely access your marketing planning online, anytime with any web browser.

Conveniently access your marketing plans online anytime, on any device, wherever you might need to.


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