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marketing save money

When outsourced, marketing planning can cost thousands. Want to save money? Marketing Mate is a fraction of the cost.

The app enables you to plan and track you marketing in a time effective way.  

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An easy, interactive and innovative process ensures your marketing planning is right for you.

By being strategic and tailoring your marketing planning, you will achieve more.

The growing global Marketing Mate community is testament to the usefulness of the app.

The growing global Marketing Mate community is testament to the usefulness of the app.

Extensive strategic marketing experience has been injected into the app for you to use.

Utilize successful marketing experience which has been used to create Marketing Mate.

marketing planning team

Marketing staff can use Marketing Mate to save time and be more efficient.

teach marketing planning

The help and guidance which is available can be used as tools for teaching staff or students.

Securely access your marketing planning online, anytime with any web browser.

Securely access your marketing planning online anytime, and with any web browser.


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