Marketing Mate

Marketing Mate is smart and easy to use web based software that guides owners and marketing staff to easily plan and track effective and tailored marketing online. You can define your goals, identify your audiences, create your messaging and choose from over 160 marketing ideas, while being supported by a Wizard that builds your plan for you and helpful guidance and resources. You can create multiple plans for different promotions, track progress against your targets, and access/download your marketing plans from anywhere online on any device.

The Founder

Kim Knight is the Founder of Marketing Mate and is passionate about developing online tools to help you do great marketing.

Kim Knight is the Founder of Marketing Mate, and the Head Marketing Consultant of Ethical Comms Consulting. She regularly works with businesses and individuals to help them improve their marketing, and start kicking the goals they want to.

She's qualified herself to Masters level in Marketing Communications and holds a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism to boot. Kim has racked up 15 years of experience working with individuals, businesses and organizations from all work sectors.

"I love doing what I do, and seeing positive changes for people I can see have put their heart and soul into what they are creating and selling. I also know what it's like to want to achieve good things for yourself. Great marketing is key to this, and my aim is to make it achievable for everyone."


The Inspiration

Marketing Mate came to life after it became clear through our work with clients at Ethical Comms Consulting that there is a universal need for a simplified solution to marketing planning. All sorts of businesses, organizations and individuals with great things to share were crying out for simple and affordable help with their marketing planning. They wanted to cut through the noise, and be able to make decisions about what is best for them to use. And they wanted ideas to consider, to feel empowered and confident in their marketing choices.

Ethical Comms Consulting is a marketing consulting service that provides one-on-one assistance to businesses and individuals to help improve the way they are currently marketing. The name ‘Ethical’ originated from a track record of providing marketing support to ethical organisations - education, health, foreign aid, the less fortunate, contributors to art and history, and many more - and a preference to help those who are helping or inspiring others, given the ongoing impact the work could then have. Today the name is more about helping any business or individual be honest and true to those they communicate with, and achieve great things through better marketing.