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"The Marketing Mate app has helped me to plan and manage my marketing better. I felt inspired and have been able to focus my ideas and start taking new action with my business that's making a difference." Anna van Riel Music.


Your questions answered:

What is Marketing Mate?

Marketing Mate is an online web application (web app) which acts like your virtual marketing companion. It offers a simplified approach to marketing planning, and enables you to complete and produce professional Marketing Plans, as well as track and review your marketing activities. It allows you to learn, plan, track and review your marketing in the one place, online, any time.

What if I just want one marketing plan?

No problem! Sign up for our Basic plan and start using the Marketing Plan Wizard immediately and create one tailored marketing plan per month.

Why sign up for an annual plan?

Marketing plans are living documents, set for specific periods, and are created in multiple numbers for different needs. Marketing planning isn’t a single task to tick off your list once. Rather it’s an ongoing process that supports and informs everything you do in terms of engaging with your audiences.

Is there a money-back guarantee?

Yes! For your peace of mind we offer a 100% 30-day money back guarantee. If the product is not right for you, no problem. We would love your feedback and are only interested in helping you achieve more.

Can I switch plans?

Yes, just contact us at any time.

Is my information secure?

Yes. The Marketing Mate web application has a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Certificate which provides an encryption service that ensures your data is secure.

Can I download my Marketing Plans?

Yes, of course. Once you finish creating your new plan with the Marketing Plan Wizard you can then use the Style Customizer to review and download it immediately. This feature is for paid plans only.

Is there a free trial option?

Yes, of course. It's easy, just select the 14 Day Free Trial option when you create your account, then complete your Marketing Plan with the Wizard. To download it please upgrade your account.

How long are your paid plans?

Marketing Mate offers a Basic, Professional and Corporate/Education plans. All are available on a month to month basis or annual plans paid yearly to give you more time to plan and monitor your marketing for the best outcomes.

Are there any discounts?

All of our monthly plans are quite affordable and if you decide to go with a annual plan you save a huge 33% per month.

Will I be charged for new features?

No. If you subscribe to a Professional or Corporate/Education plan you can take advantage of new features and tools being added at no extra cost as Marketing Mate continues to grow, and access more useful ideas and resources as they are included.

How do I cancel service?

Canceling your Marketing Mate service is simple, either managed by you online through your PayPal account by disabling the recurring payment to allow your plan to expire at the end of the current subscription period, or by contacting any time.

Do you offer an affiliate program?

Yes, if you are interested in becoming an affiliate please contact us.


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